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Drought Resistance and Cold Resistance


A few years ago, back in 2005, I decided to try out Rosa beggeriana in my wild rose crossings. The reason to do so was: The very nice fall foliage with reds and even violets, blooming throughout the season, nice dark hips, drought resistance, cold resistance.

To get it done together with a rose from the same section of the genus rosa (Section: Cinnamomea), I chose Rosa rugosa 'alba', rugosa in general is a very easy and good motherplant. Gerd Kruessmann writes about Rosa beggeriana, that it is very difficult to breed in, - so I wanted to be sure to get results. And I did!

Here is already a dokumentation about it on

And in the RHA Forum, too, - where always lots of interesting ideas and opinions come up!

The bright yellow in the F1 seedlings is from Rosa rugosa and the darker colours are definetely from Rosa beggeriana, which can have orange parts, reds and even violets in its fall foliage!
So interestingly, the colouring is intermedium as it seems - between the differences and extremes of the parents.

There are already seeds from F2 crossings now from 2010 and 2011 which I will stratify in February 2012.
I will document them also here.

In the next months and years I will add more and more stuff, also older pictures, at least if they are of interest.


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