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Friday, November 11, 2011

Vienna seeks new "Klimt" ... no problem! ;-)

I threw my Tea Time x Terracotta crossing picture into their online picture editor and ....

just got this:

Its a good intro for this Rose Blog Site here, I am convinced. It should be a little bit crazy, perhaps friendly annoying.
That keeps it round and fresh... .

And that below is exactly how I feel at the moment. Frightening.

Here is the link to create your own "Klimts" ... a wonderful small public relations project in my opinion ... have a look at their gallery too. Its nice.



  1. Hallo Arno,
    welcome among the bloggers. Just created my 1st 'Klimt' :-)

    keep on breeding

  2. ;-))

    Hi BeMo!
    Wow, we will have a really good time, I am sure! Nice to know your Blog, too. This is a good way to get it organised with fun.


  3. Dear Friend, I am Sandeep from India, I went through your blog and got lot of information about Rosa Persica by the way I am a member of Indian Rose Federation that is why I am interested to know something about it and also I found some your beautiful photographs in which is very useful website for Rose breeders.
    Hope your kind cooperation will be with me on the above matter and I am waiting for your early response,